Delcom, Inc. makes presentation for internet services to commissioners

By Robert Morales —

Anne Lynch with Delcom Inc. made a presentation to Culberson County
Commissioners on Monday night regarding providing fiber optic internet

“You have the option at your fingertips to switch to
fiber optic internet.” She said that in the future, the company will
offer voice and long-distance services to the Van Horn area.

advantages of fiber optic internet service, according to Ms. Lynch is
that the service is faster than other types of connections, such as
satellite and DSL. Speeds can range from 5 megabytes to 100 megabytes,
which none of the other internet providers can match.

advantage of having underground fiber optic cable, said Ms. Lynch, is
that the service is extremely reliable and weatherproof. Also, according
to Ms. Lynch, fiber optic upload speed is much faster than traditional
DSL or satellite upload speeds.

Prices are $80 per month for 5
megabytes, $150 per month for 10 megabytes, $300 per month for 20
megabytes and higher speeds are available.

Judge Carlos Urias
commented that the county’s contract with Windstream expires in August,
and that typically the county goes the bidding process for services.
According to County Treasurer Susie Hinojos, the county is currently
paying $1,954 per month in internet services.

Commissioners also took action on the following items:
* Pay invoice for Cop Sync, $9,595
* Change south basketball goals to the east side
* Table item No. 14 – Moving Permian Basin MHMR to offices vacated by DHS and black mold issues
* Table: Policies, fees, permits for pipelines, right-of-ways, utilities on county roads
* Approved construction of partition for Adult Probation office and Sheriff’s Office to comply with confidentiality requirements
* Approve survey for county land that is located adjacent to the airport
* Approve resolution to recertify with HOME program
* Rejected bid from Joseph Welsh to purchase property under Cause #4869
* Approved bid from Manuel Baeza to purchase property under Cause #4941


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