Trustees approve 'report template' for tax collections from Linebarger

By Robert Morales —

CCAISD trustees on Monday approved a “Report Template of Delinquent
Tax Collection Activities” as presented by the school district's tax
collection law firm, Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson. The
presentation was made by managing partner Carmen Perez.

Ms. Perez said that Goggan mails personalized letters to all accounts
on the tax roll that are not involved in litigation or have a condition
that would prevent immediate legal action. This fell under the category
of “taxpayer notifications.”

Ms. Perez added that taxpayers that cannot pay delinquent taxes in
full are provided with a payment arrangement that is agreed upon by both
parties. According to page 3 of the template, “all delinquent taxpayers
are encouraged to contact [Goggan] to resolve delinquent accounts.

In addition, Goggan regularly files lawsuits against delinquent taxpayers, said Ms. Perez.

She said that the firm would file a “non-suit,” otherwise known as a
dismissal, when a taxpayer responds to a lawsuit and voluntarily agrees
to pay. In those instances when a taxpayer doesn't answer (or respond)
to a lawsuit, judgment from the taxpayer from a judge is requested.

Also, Goggan will provide CCAISD with a schedule of tax sales. Ms.
Perez said that the firm will monitor what she called “notable cases,”
those cases that are considered especially complex.

Following the presentation by Ms. Perez, trustees went into closed
session to discuss “matters concerning personnel” and “consultation with
attorney as necessary.”

Only a few minutes after the doors to the boardroom closed, shouts could be
heard coming from trustees. The few people outside the waiting area that
could hear the loud voices decided to move to another area of the
building to avoid hearing the private conversation that was taking


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