Update from Congressman Gallego

By Congressman Pete Gallego —

It is unconscionable that working Americans across the country are
being sent home without pay while members of Congress continue to
receive a paycheck.

Last Saturday, I filed legislation to suspend pay for Members of
Congress in the event of a government shutdown. It is the duty of the
United States congress to keep the government running.

Putting the full faith and credit of the United States at risk should
never be a debating point. A shutdown should never have been on the
table – this is not rocket science.

Mothers and fathers who commit themselves to public service are going
to have to figure out how to put food on the table, make rent or pay
their mortgage – all because a reckless few refuse to compromise.

I also filed legislation to add protections for uniformed and
civilian personnel at the Department of Defense, the Department of
Veterans Affairs, Department of Homeland Security – including Border
Patrol Agents and CBP officers at ports of entry – as well as employees
of the Intelligence agencies to ensure national security is not at risk
in the event of a government shutdown.

I'm appalled that extremists would hold the government, many of its
employees, and even our border security hostage all for the sake of
politics. My legislation would ensure that our Veterans and our security
are not at risk should extremist succeed in shutting down the

Pointless political games will adversely impact veterans and take nutritional assistance from women and children.

Congress should work around the clock to ensure that our government
works for the American people. Members of Congress' first loyalty should
always be to our country and our constituents. 

Congress should feel the
pain and wreckage that it is inflicting on our economy, our nation, and
our people.

It is up to the House leadership to bring up my legislation. But, I
cannot in good faith accept a salary when so many in the 23rd District
are losing theirs. I will be donating my salary to an organization that
helps military men and women who are injured while serving their
country. They have sacrificed – Congress should heed their example.


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