Spitting Into The Wind

By Rodney Tilley, Pastor Van Horn Community Church —

I was sitting in the dentist office reading some of those magazines that really thrill you, “USDA Food Facts” and “Oral Hygiene and You”. But one small booklet caught my eye and it is a bestseller I am sure; “Spitting into the Wind, The Facts about Dip and Chew.”

I missed this read last year, but upon catching up on all the facts of “spit tobacco” or “smokeless tobacco,” I learned that not only is it addictive, but it also wears out the back pocket of your blue jeans and that can be quite expensive. And you think that I am not an avid reader and thinker.

I bought the booklet back home to my wife just in case she was thinking of trying a “chaw” as well.

But you know, as a pastor, I was surprised that the Bible has something similar to say- really! Probably taken out of context some of you will say.

In the latest contemporary translation of the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon, the author of the book, wrote, “Then I took a good look at everything I'd done, looked at all the sweat and hard work. But when I looked, I saw nothing but smoke. Smoke and ‘Spitting into the wind.' There was nothing at all to it. Nothing.” (Ecc. 2:11).

Solomon, the richest man to have ever lived and the wisest as well came to the point where he said, “I hate life.” (Ecc. 2:17). He had palaces and power, gold and jewels, women, wine, and song, but he ended up in despair and depressed. He saw everything as just “spitting into the wind” and he was not talking of smokeless tobacco either.

At the end, the author, Solomon, out of his skepticism, comes to a wise conclusion, and that is, there is nothing that really matters in life except to, “Fear God. Do what he tells you” (Ecc. 2:13). There was no denial, he had finally got it. He finally understood after a lifetime of seeking things of vanity and vexation.

You see, without God, whether it is addictions, mindless consumerism, money or greed, everything is just that, “spitting into the wind.” Without God, life has no meaning, no direction, and no value in itself. Nothing is all that is left.

Today, I am sure you want more than just smoke, and just “spitting into the wind.” You want God in your life. He is there just for you and he will give you meaning, purpose, and a reason for living, as well as a reason to die. God is just like that for he loves you and you can know it.


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