World Diabetes Day promotes awareness of disease

The Van Horn Wellness Coalition, a group of residents committed to improve the Health of the Van Horn population, will “Go Blue” for World Diabetes Day to support the International Diabetes Federation this World Diabetes Day on Thursday, Nov. 14.

Go Blue activities will take place all over the city; School presentations, lighting buildings in blue, blue circles on bob wire fences, county proclamations, and posters have already been posted by coalition members.

“This is an opportunity for Culberson county to become aware of their health risk and together start working to make gradual lifelong changes that will reduce their risk of chronic disease,” said County Judge Carlos Urias.

Wearing blue sends the following message: Declaration 1, diabetes is serious, 2, diabetes can be prevented and controled and 3, the time is now for a healthy change.

The Van Horn Wellness Coalition invites the entire community of Van Horn to wear “Blue” on Thursday, Nov. 14 in observance of World Diabetes Day.

November 14 marks the birthday of Dr. Banting who discovered the use of insulin in type 1 diabetes patients. For more information on how you can get involved, visit us on, Twitter @GoBlueBorder or call (915) 479-0304.


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