Religion – Gifts of Christmas

By Tony McCreery, Pastor First Baptist Church —

Christmas time is here! Christmas morning children will awaken and run to the Christmas tree to see what treasures they find this year. Many families will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on presents to make sure their children are not disappointed. The idea of giving gifts to everyone is actually a bit misguided. Now before you throw something at me, let me explain.

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Now if memory serves correctly, if it is someone’s birthday they are the one that is supposed to receive the gifts. Somehow Christmas has become about giving gifts to everyone but the Jesus. He is the reason for the season.

On the first Christmas there were wise men that came to worship Jesus and they presented Him gifts. The gifts they bring teach a strong lesson about giving gifts to Jesus. They brought Him gold. Gold is a gift fit for a King and took sacrifice to give. What are you willing to give to Jesus this year? Will you give Him your very best just like the wise men did? The next gift was frankincense. Frankincense is an incense used in worship. The frankincense is a recognition that Jesus is God. Christ is fully God come in the form of man. He has all power and authority.

The gift of incense acknowledges God as God. What people frequently miss is the fact that they came with one thing in mind: Worship. “We have come to worship he who has been born King of the Jews.” Wise men recognize that Christ is God. Wise men worship Jesus for who He is. Are you taking time to recognize Jesus’ power and worship Him?

The third gift that the wise men brought to Jesus was myrrh. Myrrh was used in embalming. Myrhh was offered to the One who would give of His life for the lives of the world. Christ came and gave His life that we may all live. Jesus gave everything in order that we could have everything. Here these men give to Him. Wise men give without thought to themselves. These men had one thought: we must go to the King and worship Him. They were willing to sacrifice for the one who would sacrifice for them.

What are you really willing to give to Christ? Christ came to give His life as an offering for all; therefore one should be willing to give themselves back to Him.

This year try a different approach to giving gifts. Instead of focusing on giving lavish gifts to others, try giving lavish gifts to Jesus. Give Him sacrifice of time, and talents.

Give to Jesus the worship that is due Him. Worship Him alone. Most of all, give Jesus yourself. When you will give Him you, life will change and you will never be the same. Give to Jesus on His birthday. Give good gifts this year. Happy Birthday, Jesus.


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