Update from Congressman Gallego

Texas has a young and dynamic population. Our economy propels the national economy like no other state. 
Our innovation and industries lead the country.  In short, Texas is blessed; but we have to work to stay ahead – especially now. And, we must remain competitive in job creation in the years to come. In this 21st century, innovation and technology will be the engines of economic growth.
The best way to ensure our economic engine continues to run full speed is education. The Texas children of today – the adults of the future – need a quality education so they can meet the challenges this century will present.
 This is especially true in Texas.
Our state’s school population has grown dramatically: a million new students in the last 15 years. A majority of these students are minorities and low-income. This data and situation make it even more critical for our state to invest in better education. Education will give our economy new employees and give kids a better future. It’s a win-win equation for Texans.
Better educational opportunities mean better jobs, more innovation and a higher income. A higher income means more money to spend.  More spending grows the economy.  As the economy grows, opportunity grows with it.
There is too much at stake to let the state of education in Texas stagnate or deteriorate. The cost of inaction is too high for us, for our country and for our kids.  Instead, our educational system must be allowed to move ahead by leaps and bounds with support from the federal, local and state levels.  
Texas can continue to be the economic engine of the U.S – but only if we provide great, reliable, and affordable public education to our kids.  Benjamin Franklin said it best over two hundred years ago:  “Education is the best investment.  It pays the best interest.” 
U.S. Representative Pete P. Gallego represents the 23rd Congressional District of Texas, which includes all or parts of 29 counties in southwest Texas, spanning from San Antonio to El Paso. He serves on the House Armed Services and House Agriculture Committees.


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