UIL students perform well last Saturday in McCamey


Early last Saturday, at about 4:30 a.m., 22 VHHS students and five of their coaches/sponsors left for McCamey to participate in the McCamey Invitational UIL Tournament.  Some of them had just gotten in at about 1 a.m. from a basketball game in Iraan, but they didn’t let that deter them from getting on the bus again a few hours later. 

When they arrived in McCamey around 8 a.m., students hurried to change into dress clothes to perform, or to find their contest rooms, and, as the results would show, they were quite successful in their competitions. 
Eleven schools were competing, although not every school had students in all events—some specialize in Math and Science, Journalism, or other events.  The schools included:  Alpine, Crane, Fort Stockton, Garden City, Grady, McCamey, Ozona, Pecos, Permian, Van Horn, and Wink.  

Overall, VHHS students placed 3rd overall, behind Alpine and Garden City.  The Spelling Team    received 1st Place Team Honors, as did the Speech Team.  This is the first time the Speakers have received first place team in 25 years, according to a long-time speech team enthusiast.  

Individual rankings and contestants include: Calculator Applications:  Lezlie Jones; 4th Place, 9th Grade; Diego Subia; 6th Place, 11th Grade; Miguel Velez-2nd Place; 12th Grade, Team: 3rd Place
Current Issues & Events:  Diff Torres, 5th Place; Michael Robinson; 6th Place, Team:  3rd Place

Feature Writing: Mirella Zambra; 5th Place
Mathematics:  Carlos Guerrero, 6th place; 11th Grade
Number Sense: Sahil Damniwalla, 2nd Place; 9th Grade
Ready Writing:  Carlos Guerrero; 4th Place, Lezlie Jones, 5th Place
Science:   Joseph Vorheis; 3rd Place-10th grade; Miguel Velez-3rd Place-12th Grade; Team:  2nd Place
Social Studies:  Diff Torres; 3rd Place, Carlos Guerrero; 4th Place
Spelling:  Natalee Ball, 3rd Place, Michael Robinson; 5th Place, Darden Morriss; 6th place  
Team: 1st Place
Persuasive Speaking:  Diego Subia,1st Place, Karys McCreery; 2nd Place;  German Rodarte; 3rd Place
Informative Speaking:  Kyle Seyffert; 1st Place; Alyssa Corrales; 2nd Place
Poetry Interpretation:  Luna Urias; 2nd Place
Prose Interpretation:  Starvanna Cottrell; 2nd Place; Noah Garcia; 6th Place
Speech Team:  1st Place

When you see these students, and the others who competed, but did not place, please congratulate them on their successes. Encourage them to continue working on their skills and talents preparing for the District Competition to be held on March 22 in Mertzon. We would like nothing better than to bring home a District Championship this year, and with these students and their peers helping out, it could happen this year.


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