Council approves closing Broadway for Frontier Days

Angelica Garcia representing the Women’s’ Service League requested approval from the city council on Tuesday evening for closing Broadway between Highway 54 and Ash Street for the Frontier Days Street Dance to be held June 28.
Ms. Garcia also said that vendors would be setting up at the parking lot adjacent to that street area. Lindsey Terrell, also from the Women’s’ Service League, asked council for assistance in promoting the first “Okie Dokie”  5-K run which will also take place on June 28.  She requested that the Town of Van Horn provide traffic control to ensure participants’ safety during the run.  The race is being held in honor of the late Mayor Okey D. Lucas.  

Council then moved unanimously to renew the contract with Allied Compliance Services, Inc., for the city’s drug and alcohol testing.

In other action, the council approved plans to renovate and enlarge the Convention Center by approving the hiring of an architectural firm from Las Cruces to begin the planning phase of the project.   In an effort to conserve energy during the summer, council agreed to new hours for city employees who will now work from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. beginning Monday, June 16. The city joins the county and school district employees who are already following the same hours. Council also approved the bid from Vance Cottrell to purchase the large metal building that formerly housed Bud’s Diesel.  The bid was recently approved by county commissioners.
The city’s sales tax revenue continues to be positive. The Town of Van Horn will receive $51,598.74 for May, a 9.05-percent increase over 2013. To date, the city’s sales tax revenue is up 17.16-percent compared with 2013 payments.

“Sales tax growth was evident across all major economic sectors,” Combs said. “The growth was led by the retail and wholesale trade sectors, the oil and natural gas mining sector, and the services sector. This puts year-to-date growth at 5.4 percent.”


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