Sheriff's Blotter – June 19, 2014

06/06/14: TERRI BELL, 52, Van Horn, motion to revoke; transported out.
06/11/14: JAMES NICHOLAS PACHECO, 51, Louisiana, arrested for DWI. Remains in custody.
06/13/14: JOSE ENCARNACION REYES, 21, Alpine, arrested for criminal mischief. Released on bond.
06/14/14: MANZEL PILOYAN, Russia, arrested for criminal mischief. Released.
06/15/14: CRAIG TWONBLY, 56, San Diego, Calif., arrested for prostitution solicitation. Released on bond.
06/15/14: JAQUENA WILSON, 21, Washington, arrested for prostitution. Remains in custody.
06/15/14: DONNELL MOTLEY, 32, California, arrested for promotion of prostitution. Remains in custody.


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