Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

On Feb. 27, 2014 my husband, Dr.  Michael Bernzott, died very unexpectedly on the road side about 20 miles outside of Van Horn.  We were on the way to Dallas, from Tucson, to see my mother before transferring to Germany with the Air Force.

The kindness that I received from an unknown truck driver who called 911 for me, a young lady (I think her name was Chelsey) who got on the phone with my daughter in Gilbert, Ariz., who is an RN, and relayed information to me on CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; the deputy who was the first to arrive after the call to 911 and took over the CPR, the EMS team, the emergency room staff at Culberson Hospital,  the staff at the El Capitan Hotel and the young man from the Carrillo Funeral Home who gave me a hug when he came to pick up Michael could not have been greater.

Michael didn’t make it, but the kindness displayed by everyone helped me through a horrendous time. The nurse in the ER was extremely compassionate, the EMS Techs were extremely professional, the ER technicians found an extra phone charger for me so that I could start the excruciating process of notify our sons and daughters and they gave me private time with Michael.

One of the ladies in the ER gave me a list of some hotels in Van Horn, and I was able to get a reservation at El Capitan.  The staff there was wonderful. They refused to let me pay for the room.  They came up to my room to check on me and when I went down for dinner, they didn’t charge me for my meal.  I let them know that my son was on the way from San Antonio and would arrive at midnight.  As soon as he and his wife arrived, they immediately sent them to my room.

The next morning when I met with funeral home representatives, the lady was so kind and helpful and she took charge of arranging to get Michael back to Arizona.

I am from Texas and I am so happy that I was surrounded by people from Texas when I needed it most.

I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.
Vyna Lindsay-Bernzott


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