Gubernatorial candidate Kathie Glass makes brief appearance in Van Horn

Libertarian nominee for Texas governor Kathie Glass and her tour bus visited Van Horn on Monday, October 20, fresh from one event in Alpine on Sunday and headed to another event in El Paso on Tuesday.  Glass was interviewed on Marfa Public Radio Monday morning.

These visits are part of the Kathie Glass “Texas 254 Tour.”  The number “254” references the number of counties in Texas.  Culberson County was the 252nd county visited so far.  The 254 Tour will end later today in El Paso.

According to Glass, our liberty and country are dying primarily due to federal tyranny caused by a federal government that refuses to abide by the Constitution.  She calls for nullification of unconstitutional federal acts as the only effective remedy.

The Republican nominee Greg Abbott thinks standing up to the federal government means filing a lawsuit.  “If that’s a winning strategy, why are we in this mess?” Glass said. “Don’t sue the buzzards — arrest them!”

Glass believes that Texas is not only plagued by federal tyranny from Washington, but cronyism here at home.  “Tax monies for favored businesses, water for developers, land for toll roads and pipelines — cronies are using Texas government to become more rich and more powerful at the expense of the rest of us,” Glass said.


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