Op-Ed: Obama should have cancelled meeting with Mexican President Nieto


President Obama should have cancelled his meeting with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto on Tuesday.

Mr. Nieto has become the object of criticism by a vast majority of citizens, primarily because of the 43 college students who were likely massacred by rogue police and the drug cartel and corruption charges within his administration.

The finger has been pointed at Mr. Nieto for being insensitive to the families of the 43 students, but more poignantly, he may have known from the outset what became of the students.

In addition, the Mexican president is under fire in his country for corruption (big surprise), and for his wife’s lavish spending on a new $7 million dollar mansion built by government contractors.

Nothing has changed with the new young president from the party that has ruled Mexico for more than 70 years. He is part of the elite. He is part of the reason we said recently that Mexico will never become a first-world country. The average Mexican citizen will continue to suffer under the same terrible conditions that have become commonplace because of arrogant leaders like Mr. Nieto.

“Mexico can’t go on like this,” Peña Nieto said on Monday before leaving Mexico City for Washington. “We must change and unite for the better. This next year demands teamwork and perseverance from us.”

Mr. Nieto, you are part of the problem that has persisted in your country for more than 70 years. As all previous presidents before you, you are there not to serve the people, but to serve your own interests.

Allowing Mr. Nieto to come to the United States for an official visit only gives the illusion that Mr. Nieto is a legitimate president. A snub from Mr. Obama would have sent a much stronger message.



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