Commissioners discuss a variety of topics, including wellness program for employees

By Lupa Jernigan

Culberson County Commissioners meeting convened Monday June 8, 2015. Included in the topics on the agenda was the issue of striping of the airport runways and taxi runways. 

The matter was tabled for now as the commissioners are still considering contracts for the project. It was stated that the project will likely cost around $30,000 and that funds are available for this purpose.  

Also discussed was an issue regarding reports of obstruction of County Road known as Seven L road. The court determined that roads were designated as either public or private in 2006 and that the time for dispute of these findings has passed. The court agreed that this road is public property and obstruction of vehicular travel is not to be permitted. 

Mark Zollitsch with the Texas Association of Counties gave a presentation on a wellness program available to Texas county employees called “Healthy County”. The program includes resources and incentives for county employees for all participating counties designed to support and improve the health of those individuals. It can be tailored to suit the needs of individual counties and while there is no commitment, employers may choose to further encourage participation by offering extra incentives for meeting program goals such as an extra day of vacation. 

It has been suggested that these kinds of programs have been shown to help control insurance costs for employers who provide such benefits. The commissioners agreed to begin the process of participating in Healthy Counties and appointed Gilda Morales as program sponsor and Susana Hinojos to be the program coordinator.  
Included on the agenda was “county projects” and under this topic, the subject of the proposed nuclear waste facility was mentioned. Those in attendance were encouraged to participate in the town meeting at the high school auditorium this Thursday, June 11 at 6 p.m., for the public to be informed about the proposal.  


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