Vote Your Values

By Sheila Gilmore

The above slogan graces billboards and newspaper ads across the country.  When I first saw it, I thought “Duh! Of course!”  How is it that we have to be reminded to “Vote Our Values”?  Shouldn’t it be a given that we would vote for someone who upholds the same values that we have?  That is what a Republic is – a representative government in which those who hold office are obligated to represent the values and standards of their constituents.  However, evidently we need a reminder.

As I thought about it, I realized that we do indeed need to be reminded to “Vote Our Values” in this digital age.  Everyone and his dog is pulling out ads on TV or FaceBook and inundating us with messages about this or that candidate.  One candidate says that they believe one thing and then goes on to tell us how the other candidate does not and vice versa.  Going by the ads, I’d be confused before I even started.

So, how do we find out about a candidate’s values?  There are three ways:  examine the Party with whom he is affiliated, examine his own website where he states his values and examine who endorses him for that office.

Remember that a candidate’s values are largely driven by the Party that he serves. His party helps pay for his campaign, provides workers to get his message out, and promises votes toward his win.  Think you like a candidate?  What are the values of his Party?  He will be supporting and promoting those values and agenda.

Most candidates on the ballot have their own website in which they state their ideals and goals for the office should they win.  You can find out a lot about how a candidate thinks by going to their website and skimming through their pages.

Every candidate is endorsed by someone; a prominent member of the community, community business, a National Corporation or national organization.  Who is backing them with their name?  If a candidate is endorsed by the NRA, I’m pretty sure I can guess what one of his strong values would be.   On the other hand, if a candidate is endorsed by Planned Parenthood…well, you get the picture.

Let’s not just vote for someone because we got their postcard in the mail or because we see their handsome face on the TV.  Let’s examine their values and vote for someone that truly represents us.  Vote Your Values! That is what it is all about.

Early Voting Starts February 16th!


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