Artist Avram Dumitrescu at Hotel El Capitan

Avram Dumitrescu’s depiction of corner at Broadway

Artist Avram Dumitrescu will be showing a new collection of architectural paintings starting this Friday at the El Capitan Hotel in Van Horn. The exhibition runs from February 26 until April 29, with a reception this Friday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

“These are studies of older buildings that have been worn down by time and weather,” Dumitrescu said. “Weathered filling stations and faded store fronts are some of my favorite subjects, and Van Horn in particular has a fantastic Main Street that I wanted to explore.”

Dumitrescu is an assistant professor at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, where he teaches digital arts and design courses. He was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and moved to West Texas in 2006, where he has since focused his drawings and paintings on animals, architecture and vehicles.

“The West Texas landscape, its structures and its inhabitants, are so visually different than everything I saw growing up in Northern Ireland,” Dumitrescu said. “In my art I try to capture their distinctive character and imbue them with spirit, while setting them against the glorious skies and landscape palette that drew my wife and I here a decade ago.”

He has exhibited at several galleries in Marfa, Alpine, Odessa, Austin and Belfast, and he has illustrated for several magazines and the book, MFK Fisher: Among the Pots and Pans by Joan Reardon. His paintings and drawings are part of the UTV Art Collection, one of Ireland’s most extensive and distinguished corporate collections.

More of Dumitrescu’s artwork will appear in the March 2016 edition of The Local Palate, in which he used digital paintings to illustrate an article on rum. His art is online at and


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