Ask Tia Juana

Dear Tia Juana,

I have heard different opinions about why SOME people choose to take leftovers from parties, usually of the Hispanic culture.  Even when those of us ask the hosts if there is enough to take home, are we putting them on the spot? I say those of us because I am guilty.  My husband never attends these events but he seems to think I should bring him some of the treats.


Pass the biscochos

Dear Pass,

This is more common than you think and not limited to Hispanics.  However, there is prevalence in the male sex who thinks that every event that their significant other attends automatically includes takeout.  It is not fair to ask the hostess for an extra plate of food for someone who did not think enough of the hostess to attend the event.  Do not let your “moocher” husband guilt you into bringing him food, but be sure to rave about how wonderful the food was!

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