Plaque dedicated to memory of Cuco Corrales

Refugio “Cuco”Corrales’ family members with his memorial.  Pictured left to right:  Pat, Roxanne, Martha, Refugio Jr., Duane and Victor.

Photo by Edna Clark

By Edna Clark

Friday, July 8, was a day of memories and rejoicing for the life of Refugio (Cuco) Corrales.  Family and friends met in the City-County Park to dedicate a simple, but beautiful, plaque to a simple, but beautiful man.

Mr. Corrales, who was born January 21, 1941, worked for Culberson County for twenty years until his demise last November.  He could be counted on to help his community and Culberson County in any way he could.

Cuco’s wife of 55 years, Martha, sons Victor, Duane, and Refugio Jr. (Tata), and two daughters, Patricia and Roxanne, along with nine of Cuco and Martha’s eleven grandchildren were in attendance at the dedication.  Numerous other family members were at the park to honor their family member.

After the ceremony, attendees were treated to food and drinks in a reception provided by Cuco’s beloved Culberson County and Town of Van Horn.  The day was hot, but the love and appreciation felt that day, made the heat bearable.

Cuco was known for his love of and concern for his family, friends, and especially his plants.  This was the theme expressed by the multitude who spoke in his honor.

His plaque can be seen on a rock base on the north end of the City-County Park and is open for all to see.  When driving through town, many of the trees and flowers that can be seen are also testimony of Cuco Corrales’s work and life.  Thank you Cuco Corrales from your town and country.



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