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When I was growing up, I knew that if I misbehaved at church, or at a restaurant or in public in general, there would be hell to pay later.  I had bruises in hidden places if I even turned around in church, much less get up and wander around!  So why is it that now, when parents take their children to church, doctors’ offices or restaurants, they turn them loose on the unsuspecting public?  Their kids may be swinging from doors, climbing the furniture, or otherwise acting uncivilized and the parent is oblivious to their behavior while not taking their eyes off their cell phone.  How can I stop this kind of behavior or get parents to take control of their kids so I don’t get arrested?

At wit’s end

Dear Wit’s,

Unfortunately, many parents believe that when in public places, it is the responsibility of others to babysit their kids while the parent is focuses on “liking” posts on Facebook.  At church, it is even more amazing that parents allow their children to disrupt a service by allowing them to run around unsupervised without a word.  Most people do not attempt to rein in these children because of fear of angering the parent, who believes that everyone thinks their kids are cute.  Maybe it’s time to bring back the paralyzing Spock pinch and get control of unruly, un-cute, wild and annoying children.


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