Culberson County Health Fair Photos

Laboratory Consultant John Clark checking blood sugar and cholesterol


LVN, Beth Conoly giving The Advocate’s Edna Clark a flu shot


DHHS fits this young man properly with a bicycle helmet


RN, Mehdy Osorio, Director of Nursing, offers health education information

By Edna Clark

169 interested citizens participated in the Culberson Hospital Health Fair presented in the Van Horn Convention Center on Saturday, October 15.  Nineteen booths were set up around the commons area for the purpose of educating and assisting citizens in their overall health and wellness issues.

Screening tests for H Pylori, Cholesterol, and Glucose (blood sugar) were offered by Culberson Hospital Laboratory employees.  While cholesterol and glucose testing is fairly well known, H Pylori is less known to the general public.  This screen, which involves blowing into a bag; drinking a solution; and blowing into another bag 15 minutes later, determines the presence of a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori in the digestive tract.  This bacterium is the leading cause of ulcers in the United Sates.  If present, the condition can be easily treated with antibiotic therapy.  According to Laboratory Consultant, John Clark, several people tested positive for H Pylori.  Additionally, several people had elevated glucose (blood sugar) and cholesterol levels.

All the people who had elevated or positive results were encouraged to take their screening results to their health care providers.  Culberson Hospital Administrator, Jonathan Voekel, encourages everyone to make an appointment at the Van Horn Rural Health Clinic for evaluation and treatment, if needed, for any abnormal results.

Clinic employees were on hand to give Flu Shots at a reasonable cost of $20 per person.  The injections are available at no cost at the Clinic for persons over age 65.  This writer is very needle-shy, but Beth Gary LVN, did a good job with giving me my Flu Shot, and, no, I am not 65 years old yet.  Everyone is encouraged to have their annual Flu Shots which greatly decrease the chances of having the flu.

The Culberson Hospital EMS, Trauma Prevention, Swing Bed, Physical Therapy, Administration, Medical Records, and Business Office Departments were also on hand to tell about their specialties.

Other vendors included the American Red Cross that provided Family Disaster plans and Victoria Home Health providing home health nursing, physical therapy, occupational, and speech therapy services.

Texas Health Steps for children under age 20 with Medicaid, Nickes Medical Supply providing medical devices were represented.  Texas Kids Dental Care, Easy Dental Kids & Adults made participant aware of new Horizon City offices.

BorderRac from El Paso provided blood pressure and heart rate screenings.  As with any elevated laboratory screening, any participant who had an irregular blood pressure or heart rate was encouraged to see his or her medical provider.  The providers at Van Horn Rural Health Clinic have appointments available for further evaluation and treatment, if necessary, for these results.

Local Texas Department of Human Services Family and Community Services provided and fitted bicycle helmets and car seats at no cost to children who attended the Health Fair.

AirMedCare Network was available to let area citizens know about an extremely useful emergency air flight ambulance program for people who live in rural areas such as Culberson County. This membership program, at a cost of $65 per year per household, guarantees emergency helicopter and/or jet flights from the scene of a medical emergency to El Paso, Odessa, the Lubbock Burn Center, and other cities for care.  The Aero Care Base in Fort Stockton is part of the AirMedCare Network and provides support for the Culberson County area.

According to Local Membership Sales Manager, Susan Allard, the average cost for one emergency flight from the Van Horn area is more than $30,000, much of which is not covered by insurance.

Emergency flights can cost $15,000 to $50,000, depending upon the patient’s location.  For $65 per year, regardless of a patient’s location, a patient can be transported with no out-of-pocket expenses in connection with a flight.

Ms. Allard welcomes your call for more information at 325-277-9953 or email [email protected].


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