International thriller novels researched here

Author Tom Coverdale,

By Lisa Morton

Published novelist, Tom Coverdale travelled all the way from Melbourne, Australia to the United States two weeks ago, to begin research for his novels.  Coverdale was raised a “jackaroo,” which is the Aussie version of our cowboy, and even rodeoed a bit as a 10-year-old.   The “stations” his family worked on were very similar to the terrain here in far west Texas, so the familiarity begat the basis for the next series of novels in his plans.

His writing includes “The Horns”, a story that follows the Australian cowboy fiction writings of a time also called Pulp Cowboy Fiction or Bang Bangs.  As his writings are transitioning with the series to be published in 2020.

Coverdale felt the need to touch the environments the novels are based on with trip taking him through small West Texas towns like, Van Horn, Kermit and others off the I-10 corridor.  He plans to continue the research in Warsaw, Poland with his family, wife Claudia a native of Poland and his two young sons, Leo and Sol, living there for 18 months.

The main character in the novels is not named as of yet but is a returning Veteran of the Iraqi, Aphganistan conflicts who suffers from PTSD and begins to reintegrate into society. He travels with his children through west Texas country, and experiences how the unique frontier of yesteryear remains with today’s problems.  As the veteran ponders life’s paths, he decides to go back in a time to his life, and look for information about his father, who disappeared during the invasion of Poland in WWII.  The atrocities of many years gone by remain in the fabric of the modern day society with almost everyone implicated.  This attracts unwanted attention for the veteran and the “bad guys” are soon on his heels.  The character struggles with his actions that could achieve justice, but finds that sometimes things are best left in the past.

While in Van Horn, Coverdale visited with a several locals who could give him a personal insight into the west Texas culture and way of life.  One contributor was Sheriff Oscar Carrillo, who enlightened the author on topics related to law enforcement challenges and local attitude about “the wall” that President Trump has promised to build.  Coverdale also interviewed The Advocate’s Lisa Morton and got a good taste of both the opportunities and the challenges that living in a remote, rural area can present.

The novelist has already drawn many comparisons to what he perceived the experience here would be, and promised that his writings will reflect that experience accordingly.  He has promised to announce the series’ publishing with The Advocate in the not too distant future, and now the small town of Van Horn has something to look forward to with the writings of this Australian gentleman.


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