Letter to the Editor

By Penney Wilson —

Two weeks ago, Gilda Morales sent a letter in response to my letter. I would like to take this opportunity to respond.

Yes, we came from a big city where everything was accessible.

All the big name stores, electric, gas and water with one phone call.
Theaters both outdoor and indoor. Ice rinks, skating rinks and bowling

Our neighbors were good people and we got to know them all as they
moved into the neighborhood. We had block parties and they never turned
me down for a cup of sugar or watching our puppies.

We did our homework before moving to Van Horn. We visited the area
summer, winter, spring and fall to make sure that the weather would fit
our lifestyle. We explored the surrounding areas checking on what was
there and we rode the area on our motorcycles and in our car to see how
it fit us.

We like the area and the people that we have met. We love the
mountains and the pecan orchards and watching the land green up after a

But please, Gilda, is the Dollar General really where you want to buy
all your clothes? Are the restaurants in town really the only thing you
have a taste for? Do you ever feel like having Chinese [food] or a good
pizza? Wouldn't it be nice to see a movie in a theater on a big screen
instead of watching an outdated movie in your living room? Do you ever
want a good banana split?

Well of course we never expected Van Horn to have everything, but
even you have to admit that the town could use a few amenities.

Yes, Higginbotham's is a great hardware store, yes Dollar General is
super for picking up miscellaneous items and we love Chuy's, Papa's
Place, The Cattle Company and Rocko's.

Throughout your response to me, you never addressed the filth blowing around which can be seen clearly

from I-10 or Hwy. 90, the scrap cars, buses and trucks left to rust
along the sides of the roads also visible from I-10 and Hwy. 90. The
broken down fences and papers blowing around some of the houses.

You never addressed the ordinances that are not enforced that allow
the area to look as it does. I mentioned that there are truly some great
homes in Van Horn, clean, neat and very attractive. If my home were one
of those, I wouldn't want my neighbor to be sloppy saving ever piece of
scrap metal they ever drove. And I certainly wouldn't want to move into
a house next to someone that took such little pride in their property.

As we read your response, we had to laugh at your defense of the
area. We never expected Van Horn to be El Paso, if it had been we
wouldn't have moved here.

Progress is not what was, but what can be. Let's see if Van Horn can progress into the future.


Penney Wilson


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