Trustees approve renewals for staff


CCAISD trustees on Monday renewed the contracts of 33 teachers and staff members. Before trustees voted on that item, they went into closed session to discuss the contracts and to hold a Level III Hearing regarding a complaint from Brittany Hinojos.

Ms. Hinojos had gone through the other lower level appeals. This hearing involved a closed-door session with trustees. Following the closed session, board members went back into open session and voted to deny Ms. Hinojos’ appeal in a unanimous vote.

The complaint stemmed from an alleged incident that took place several months ago in which Matthew Short, the-then elementary music teacher, was accused by several parents that he had hit the children and kept them locked up in his office.

The vote put an end to the appeals process.

In other action, trustees voted to approve a one-year contract with ASA for the design-build contract on the stadium renovations. According to Superintendent Marc Puig, fees are charged on an hourly basis, and are based upon the level of architect working on the project.

In his report to trustees, Mr. Puig reminded board members that approximately $600,000 remains owing in tax collections. The tax revenues are important, he said, because he has predicted that the district would have a surplus of about $295,000 this year.

Mr. Puig also announced that he will be conducting an investigation of the cafeteria because after he had looked at the cafeteria’s accounting, it appeared that the meals were not counted correctly. The question he asked was whether a child actually ate the meal that was counted. The reason for his concern, he said, is that the school lunch program is federally funded and every dollar spent by the district for that reason must be properly accounted.

The following personnel received a contract renewal:

Luz Barrandey, 2nd Grade

Rebecca Blomquist, Music, with condition
Roxanne Carrillo, 3rd Grade
Tracy Dorris, Pre-K, probationary
Graciela Fuentes, 3rd Grade
Angelica Garcia, 1st Grade
Nancy Gonzalez, Kindergarten
Guadalupe Carrillo, 4th Grade
Felicitas Hernandez, 1st Grade
Christina Morriss, Kindergarten
Barbara Smith, 2nd Grade
Toni Turnbow, 4th Grade
Allison Corrales
Beverly Corrales, probationary
Marcia Crowley
Luis Garcia
Anna Luna
Adrian Norman, probationary
Haley McCoy, probationary
Sondra McCoy
Janelle North
Armando Ortega
Victor Pallares, probationary
Cecila Salinas
Diana Sanchez
Joy Scott
Matthew Short, probationary
Raul Tucker
Brock Tyrrell
Eria Urias
Priscilla Urias


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