First power outage of the season lasts one hour

Van Horn had its first power outage of the spring season on Tuesday at 3:35 p.m. The outage lasted about an hour.

There were various reports over the weekend of power surges, including one at the Advocate. That surge burned one of the power cords to one computer, even with a powerful surge protector.

Local residents are reminded to stay vigilant about protecting electronics and appliances. Power surges can occur at any time, even without a power outage. Power surges can damage any of your electrical devices that are plugged into an outlet. A power surge is a sudden spike in voltage that enters your electrical system. Depending on the voltage, a surge can cause serious damage, including fires.

The Advocate contacted El Paso Electric in El Paso, and the customer service representative said that the outage was in or around Sierra Blanca, and said there was no estimate about  when the issue would be resolved


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