Revision in insurance rating system means good news for VH

As of March 1, 2014, the fire protection class for Van Horn has been revised from  8 to 6 by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.
The new protection class affects all property insurance rates within the city limits of Van Horn.  Some properties within five road miles of the Van Horn Volunteer Fire Station may also qualify for reduced rates.  The Insurance Services Office (ISO) in Austin classifies communities from 1 (the lowest rate) to 10 (the highest rate) based on how well they score on the ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, which grades such features as water distribution, fire department equipment, manpower and fire alarm facilities.  
The countrywide classification system is used to reflect a community’s local fire protection for property insurance rating purposes.  The idea of the rating system is based upon statistics that generally indicate better fire protection leads to lower losses.  This change should result in lower insurance premiums for home and business owners in the Van Horn community.

 Protection class ratings are one of the many rating factors involved in insurance pricing and therefore it is difficult to estimate the net effect on an individual policy.  Make sure and consult your insurance agent to ensure that your policy rating reflects the improvement and you are receiving the best value for your property insurance.


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