Op-Ed: Julia Pierson had no choice other than to resign


On Tuesday, a few members of Congress came back from their vacation in a united front to put their claws into former, yes, former Secret Service Director, Julia Pierson.

After several security breaches, including the two most recent ones in September, including a fence climber who made his way into the White House with a knife, and another incident in Atlanta at the Centers for Disease Control.

During his ride on a CDC elevator, President Obama was inches away from an armed guard who had not been properly screened by the Secret Service. It turned out the guard was carrying a gun while he was using his cell phone to take photos of the president.

Ms. Pierson’s testimony on Tuesday in front of the oversight subcommittee was perhaps one of the most pathetic witnesses ever to take the stand. Both Republicans and Democrats were rightfully outraged at her defensive answers as well as her nonchalance as to the seriousness of what had taken place recently with her organization.
The Secret Service needed a major shake-up, and Ms. Pierson’s decision to resign is the first step toward reforming what used to be a stellar organization.


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