Sen. Jose Rodriguez holds town hall meeting last week


State Sen. Jose Rodriguez held a town hall meeting on Saturday here in Van Horn to discuss various topics, including issues concerning education and health care. 

In particular his Senate bill 751 is aimed at granting full practice authority in Texas to all advanced practice registered nurse practitioners.  He also brought up issues around water usage, open carry laws and his desire for a Culberson County district advisory committee.

 Approximately 15-20 people attended the session at the Hotel El Capitan Meeting Room.

 Mr. Rodriguez said that meeting the health and educational needs of his constituents are foremost on his agenda.  He discussed proposed legislation that concerns him such as the proposed Texas budget for border patrol as well as the funding of our schools. 

Sen. Rodriguez also expressed serious concerns for the wellbeing of our workforce and the laws associated with protecting workers in Texas. 

 He spent some time as well explaining the legislative process.  In particular, he discussed his SB 751, the advanced nurse practitioner bill and how it has now gone on to the state House of Representatives where it is outside of his influence.  The senator described his responsibilities between regular sessions, which include senate committee work and sometimes special sessions.

Sen. Rodriguez serves on five committees, Education, Health & Human Services, Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs, Veteran Affairs & Military Installations which has a Border Security subcommittee.


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