Letter to the Editor March 26, 2015

Dear Editor,

If I’m correct, Mr. Jeff Bezos came into Culberson County and bought about 300,000 acres for his space port.  I subscribed to The Van Horn Advocate to be able to keep up with the space port developments, but over all of these years there is really not been too much of anything going on with the space port period and we wonder why.
Thinking over about 15 years or less, we really thought that Culberson County would be booming by now but it’s not and that is strange.  In  my opinion, over all of these years, Van Horn should have seen a building boom with a project the size of the space port, but again it hasn’t and I wonder why.

About two weeks ago in The Advocate, I read ‘City Approves Construction of Convention Center Renovations’ at a cost of $690,000. 

Mr. Bezos should have built his own Space Port Theme Convention Center in Van Horn and paid for it himself.  But if not, then he should be involved in giving some of his own money to build a state-of-the-art Convention Center.

How can Mr. Bezos come into the area with a development project of this size 15 years ago and you’re still not out in the community or public?  We don’t understand.  And why don’t you, Mr. Morales, do more to report about this? 

Mr. Morales, we are not writing this letter for it to be printed, but we sure wish it would.  Mr. Morales, it’s about time that you print something like this instead of keeping the locals in the dark about other people’s opinions.

In the past I have spoken to lots of area folks and they all say the same thing — that Mr. Bezos has really done nothing for Van Horn or for its people who live there.  In our opinion, it’s about time that Mr. Bezos step up to the plate and does things to help Van Horn and its fine people.

Babe Ruth once said “If you build it, they will come.” 

Michael Cotignola
Howard Beach, NY

Editor’s Note: In fairness to Mr. Bezos, high-profile entrepreneurs such as Mr. Bezos, often opt to donate anonymously to a host of organizations and causes of their choice. We cannot confirm whether this has taken place, but we must give Mr. Bezos the benefit of the doubt. The Advocate extends an open-door invitation to Mr. Bezos whenever he’s in town.


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