Zoey visits Pets N Hooves mobile pet vet center


Paws N Hooves Mobile Veterinary Clinic was in town on Tuesday to do vaccines, spays and neuters.

Among the eight dogs and cats who were spayed or neutered was Zoey, the stray left behind when her family moved away.  Paws N Hooves was in town providing services to local pets including vaccinations, check-ups and spay and neuter procedures.  

Zoey is recovering very well from her procedure and has been declared heartworm free.  She received her rabies vaccination and is registered in compliance with city codes and she’s microchipped so that if she wanders she can always find her way home again.  

Zoey will be ready for a permanent home in a week or so.  She is a very good girl!  She is crate trained and house trained.  She’s quite happy to hang out near her pals, human or canine, but when left alone she will try persistently to escape.  

Those interested in adopting Zoey will need a secure fence and plenty of time to spend with this friendly charmer.  Please contact Lupa at 678-927-8017 if you are interested in meeting her.  


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