Local Salvation Army drive proves we can make a big difference


Salvation army bell ringer volunteers. Teachers and 3rd and 4th Grade students of Van Horn Elementary

Photo courtesy of CCAISD

By Rodney Tilley

We want to thank all of the volunteers who helped us in our fund drive by ringing bells over the Christmas holidays. We are glad to report that it was a great success with over $2000 raised. It is to be used with those experiencing emergency situations in their lives. We have many people who come through Van Horn, many in dire circumstances, that will need our assistance, and we are happy to say, we now can help because of you who gave and you who volunteered. We had the young and old who rang bells, sang Christmas carols, and gave up their valuable time to help those in need. We want to especially thank the 3rd and 4th grade students who took time each Saturday in December to help the Salvation Army meet their goal- God Bless you all!


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