Valentine postmark winner chosen

By Jessie GarciaPostmark-2016-CROPPED-1

As Valentine has come to be known for the annual Valentine’s Day party and the Fun Run marathon, Valentine has also been known for its postal card stamp contest!  This year’s winner was Jessie Garcia, sophomore.  “When I first found out I won it was really exciting because I’ve always wanted to get my art sent around the world.  What better way than to have it done for Valentine’s Day!”

However, Jessie says you just don’t find out you won and then it’s dropped.  According to Jessie Garcia the process drags on (in a good way) and then you have mini add-ons that pop up.

Jessie says, “I had to redraw my stamp and from there the post office took care of the rest, however along the way I found out that more opportunities presented themselves to me.  Like my mom said she got a call from the hosts of the Valentine’s Day party wanting an altered copy of my stamp to use for advertisement! I thought that was pretty amazing, and so I drew up an altered version of my stamp for them. And only a few days ago did Coach Flippen tell me he got an e-mail from one of the ladies in charge of the Fun Run marathon wanting a copy of the stamp to use for advertisement and to put on shirts.  I redrew my stamp, altered, and emailed it to her that day I found out. She only emailed me today wanting me to mail it to her this time so the shirt designers could get a closer view of the stamp.”

All in all Jessie says she ended up drawing her stamp another three or four times for different reasons. According to Jessie Garcia the Fun Run Marathon will be using her stamp on their shirts and then the hosts to the Valentines dance will use it for advertisement and other things probably.

“It’s been a wonderful experience, I thought you won and then you were done.  But I found out that you’re on your toes throughout this time.   I’ve drawn the stamp so many times I can probably draw it blind folded.   Anyway, it’s a very nice experience to work with people on something you created from your mind. I can’t wait to see the final product on Valentine’s Day!”


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