VHHS U.I.L. students placed 3rd at McCamey Invitational Meet

Back Row- Manav Patel, Fabian Baeza, Hays Morriss, Diff Torres, J.C. Clark, Michael Robinson, Matthew Acosta, Kyle Seyffert, Isaac Baeza Middle Row – Isela Velez, Luna Urias, Esteban Urias Jr., Mirella Zambra, Nathaniel McCarthy, Noah Garcia, Camille Uranga, Samantha Cabezuela, Beatriz Marta, Jacelynn Lucas Front Row – Jackie Santacruz, Viviana Sanchez, Crystal Baeza, Ruby Ontiveros


Back Row – Noah Garcia, Kyle Seyffert

Front Row – Luna Urias, Viviana Sanchez, Camille Uranga, Samantha Cabezuela


Speech Team – Diff Torres, Esteban Urias Jr., J.C. Clark, Matthew Acosta

Picture by Pricilla Urias

By Pam Young

Last Saturday morning, the VHHS Academic UIL team boarded   a bus at 4:15 a.m. to compete in a variety of contests.

   As it turned out, it was a very successful venture, with the local students bringing home a trophy for third place overall. Coaches were extremely proud of their students, and all are hoping this is an indication of things to come!

   Individual/team awards are as follows:

    Social Studies 1st place, J.C. Clark, 4th place, Esteban Urias, Jr., J. C. Esteban, Matthew Acosta, and Diff Torres won 1st place Social Studies Team.

Number Sense: 10th grade- 4th place Jacqueline Santa Cruz, 6th place – Isaac Baeza; 12th grade- 3rd place, Isela  Velez, 5th place, Fabian Baeza, 6th place  Manav Patel. 3rd place team in Number Sense.  Calculator: 9th grade- 6th place Hays Morris, 12th grade- 2nd place Manav Patel 3rd place – Fabian Baeza– 3rd place team.

   Persuasive Speaking- 1st place, Kyle Seyffert; Informative Speaking- 1st Place, Kyle  Seyffert, 2nd place, Camille Uranga; Prose Interpretation- 1st place, Noah Garcia, 5th place Samantha Cabezuela; Poetry Interpretation- 1st place, Camille Uranga. The Speech Team won 1st place team for the third year in a row!

   Accounting- 3rd place, Jacelynn Lucas; Science-9th grade- 4th place, Nathan McCarthy, 10th grad- 6th place, Jacqueline Santa Cruz, 12th grade, 6th place, Manav  Patel.

   Spelling & Vocabulary 6th place, Michael Robinson.  Mathematics-9th grade- 4th place, Nathan McCarthy 6th place, Hays Morriss.

  All of these contributed points, totalling enough for the local Academians to bring home a beautiful 3rd place trophy!  Congratulations to all who participated! The next academic meet will be on the 21st of February at Wink, with the speech and debate teams competing  the next two weekends then  resting until March 2nd, when everyone goes to Plains for their all UIL meet.


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