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Dear Editor

The last time Van Horn built a new school was approximately 60 years ago.  Since then no renovations or upgrades have been done to the schools.  The time has come to help our school.  Our district is currently sending back millions of dollars to the state of Texas in the form of “Recapture or Robinhood.”  If the community passes the bond, we will be able to keep more of our local dollars and not send them back to the state.  Please help us build a school for our own kids.

Martha Corrales Victor Corrales Roman Corrales

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Rosario Hernandez Maria Teresa Lopez Aida Balcazar

Maria Florez Rosa Corralez

Jacque Lee Ojeda Adelita B. Baca

Vince Enriquez Angelica Guerrero

Jodi Corrales Gabriel Corrales

Dear Editor

The $30,000,000 Bond amount is deceiving.  The local population has been bombarded with “news” articles promoting and ‘’explaining” the bond.  Recently a pamphlet has appeared and in a direct mailing, it encourages those of us who will pay for it to approve the Bond and it’s increase in our school taxes.

Those that want this bond passed, however, are not willing to identify the real cost.  Taxes must increase by some 25% or more and the given $30,000,000 is for the estimated initial cost of the project.  The total cost must include the interest that has to be paid to those money lenders who have purchased the bond.  The final payout of the bond will probably be more than $60,000,000.  Also, when the bond is paid, taxes will not go down.  In fact, because we have a beautiful new school, more money will be needed to “do this or pay for that”.

Our county has a population of about 4,000.  That means the total we must come up with is more than $15,000 for each person.  A husband and wife with one child must pay $45,000 over the life of the loan, whether directly taxed or through increased costs of products and services purchased.  Someone has to pay.

I hope your readers carefully consider the obligation this Bond will put on us before they vote.

Let us save ourselves from this “Pie in the Sky” Bond issue.  Please Vote and Vote No.

– Tim Head

Dear Editor

I was prompted to write this letter when I read Mr. Simpsons letter in the April 28 issue where he pointed out that quote, “nearly 85% of the total tax revenue assessed and collected by the district is for minerals, oil and gas none of which is picked up by local taxpayers”. “Additionally, absentee landowners in the district pick up a large percentage of the tax base and they, too, are not local. Local taxpayers pay about 15% of the district’s taxes”.  “That means that most of the cost of the bond issue will be picked up by absentee landowners and mineral, oil & gas holders.”

I have very strong feelings about this.  In fact back in 1776 a group of taxpayers revolted.  They even had a tea party in Boston, wrote one of the most important documents in world history; The Declaration of Independence, and fought a long, hard bloody war to found the greatest Nation on Earth.

Taxation without representation was one of the main grievances that our founding fathers’ had with the tyrants of England. No one should ever pay a tax that they cannot vote on. Yet, in this country we have allowed it to happen. When taxes go up everything else does too. It may not affect you directly at the store, but it will get back to you. Those of us paying taxes will have to collect more for our goods and services so we can stay in business. Whether you’re a rancher, farmer, oil & gas or other industry trying to seek out a living from the land, the end result is that it will come back to the consumer.

If we go broke we will pay no taxes and goods and services will be imported from places where producers can still profit. Therefore you lose your tax and pay more for what you need. Higher taxes are a lose, lose situation. I have a small ranch here and I cannot afford to pay more taxes.

We have been paying tax to CCAISD for 10 years and we homeschool our children. We have received nothing for our money. I believe that everyone who pays into the CCAISD should have the right to vote. To say otherwise would be tyranny. CCAISD needs to learn to maintain, manage and take care of what they already have. If the hospital can do it CCAISD can. Halls and walls don’t grant an education. If you have a tax bill you should vote, if you don’t have a tax bill should you vote? Think about it.

Thank you. I also pay a fair amount of taxes. I say vote “NO” to the bond issue on May 7.


– Byk Banta

Dear Editor

Citizens of Van Horn, please consider the following.  Our school is at a crossroad. The board wanted to let the community decide what direction do we want to head.  This is for our community and most of all our kids.

• Our students are the future of this community and deserve to be educated in a building that is conducive to learning

• The community has a financial opportunity that may not be available again

• The district is sending an enormous amount of money back to the state in recapture

• We need to keep our local dollars in Van Horn over the next 25 years

• The cost and requirements of educating students has changed drastically over the last 20 to 30 years

• Facilities are a composite age of 60 years old, therefore a new school is a need not a want

• The community as whole will benefit from new facilities for many years to come

• Building a new school is an investment in the children of our community

• Percentages for gym included the renovation and building of a new gym

We understand the proposition is a big step for the community, however, the decision will affect your tax dollars.  A no vote means your tax dollars will be sent to Austin to distribute to other school districts.  A YES vote means our students get a new school and local tax dollars stay in our community.  If you have questions about your taxes, please call or go to the Appraisal District Office and talk to Chelo Gonzales.  She is more than happy to give the correct information.


-Paul Uranga, Board President

-Dalia Benavides, Superintendent


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