Battling the Bureaucracy – Meet the team fighting for you

By Representative Will Hurd

If you have ever tried to get an answer from a federal agency such as the Social Security Administration or Veterans Affairs, you know just how frustrating it can be. Long lines, a maze of auto-responses on the phone, and never-ending red tape often stands between Americans and the benefits they have earned and need.

Time and money matter, and the length of time it can take to get a response can have a devastating impact on the life and health of someone seeking answers. And if someone does not get the response they need in a timely manner, their options for recourse are limited.

  I have learned while traveling the district and speaking to constituents that most people are not even aware that helping folks cut through the red tape of federal bureaucracies is a big part of my job as your Representative in Washington. My days both at home in Texas and in DC entail a lot more than voting and holding hearings. Exercising oversight of federal agencies and demanding the answers our constituents deserve is just as important.

The average person does not have the time and money to sort through the morass of federal red tape. More frustrating is when unelected bureaucrats treat your inquiry as a burden, not an opportunity. That is not the way I view constituent services and this is where my team can step in and battle the bureaucracy for you.

There are five district offices manned by knowledgeable staffers who are ready to help you – Socorro, Del Rio, Eagle Pass, Southside San Antonio and Northside San Antonio.

  Karina Rivera runs the far West Texas district office located in Socorro. Constituents living in that part of the district are encouraged to reach out to Karina at 915-235-6421 so that she can begin the process of getting the answers needed. Carmen Gutierrez, well-known in Del Rio and the surrounding area, is ready to lend a helping hand as well. You can reach her at 830-422-2040. Francisco Perales just joined the team and is helping constituents in the Eagle Pass area. That office number is 830-491-7003.  Caseworkers Henry Juvera and Jenny Tavarez are located in the Northside San Antonio office and are ready to take your call at 210-921-3130.

Our Southside San Antonio office is run by Jon Arnold, an Army Veteran, who can help you navigate the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs medical systems. Though located in San Antonio, Jon is ready to leverage his expertise to help Veterans and their families throughout the district. Working alongside him is retired Air Force surgeon and military hospital administrator, General David Young, also an expert in cutting through VA red tape. You can reach them by calling 210-784-5023.

If you are not sure which office or caseworker would be the best to help you with your particular issue, you can always visit my website at, fill out the form and someone from our team will reach out to you.

My team closed 560 cases last year and they are well on their way to far surpassing that number this year.  Besides assistance with the Social Security Administration and Veterans Affairs, they also help with Medicare and Medicaid, facilitate processing passports, and are standing by to help field any question you may have about a federal agency. We have even worked with the State Department to help a family in Castroville bring home their adopted sons from the Congo.

When I took office, my team and I decided from the very beginning that we would have the “Gold Standard” in constituent service. I am proud of them for not only keeping that standard, but for also constantly striving to surpass it. We cannot promise that we will always get the favorable outcome you are hoping for, but we will fight to get you the answers you deserve in a timely manner. If you need help, please give us a call or visit my website today.


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