Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

There is a little lady living 25 miles out of town with no phone service. Not because she failed to pay the bill, but because Windstream technicians fail to do their jobs.

About 12 – 13 years ago, they had problems with the phone service.

Windstream technicians promptly ( 2) days later diagnosed the problem as

being in the buried cable. A new cable was strung, attached at the proper

places and left lying in the road with assurances to return and burry the

cable properly. 10 years later in April of this year, the cable was buried.

In May her husband passed and she is by herself. Now for the second or third time, her phone is nonfunctional. Calls to Windstream techs to report the problem result in “We can get someone out there by Wednesday.

Well done Windstream. I only wish the good citizens of the Van Horn area had better service.

– Glenn Guidry


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