Blue Line Fitness open for business

Joseph and Hillary Corrales ready to cut the ribbon in the company of the mayor and well wishers.

Photo by Gilda Morales

By Gilda Morales

Blue Line Fitness opened its doors for the first time last Monday, fulfilling a long-awaited dream for Joseph and Hillary Corrales.  Joseph, a local deputy, stated that the idea for the name of the fitness facility came from a common name for law enforcement officers, the “Blue Line.”  He and Hillary also disclosed plans to honor fallen officers who will have a special place at the gym.  Blue Line Fitness features free weights as well as aerobic equipment and plans are in the works to reserve special hours for ladies to work out as well.  Currently, the Corrales’ plan to open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., but are waiting to see what hours are more popular with members.  The Van Horn Advocate wishes Blue Line Fitness the best of luck and much success.


  1. Great to have good business owners with an awesome plan to help the local economy and people from all walks of life. Good job guys. I’m happy to see new business owners taking the leap to open a business with a good cause. 🙂


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