Responders raise funds to comfort kids

EMT Robert Muqoz collects donations for a good cause

Photo by Edna Clark

By Lisa Morton

Hats were tipped by local responders this past weekend in an effort to collect enough donations to purchase a supply of stuffed bears for children they may come into contact with.  Unfortunately, children are sometimes faced with adult problems and these gifts can be used to distract them from potentially traumatic situations.

As with similar programs, there is a calming effect with these tangible gifts to hold on to during times of crisis.  They also help forge a bond between the responder and the child as well as minimize the physiological impact of a traumatic situation by diverting the child’s attention from the stress of the trauma to the comfort of a soft stuffed bear.

Whether it’s a vehicle accident or a domestic situation, these comfort toys will be put in law enforcement units, fire trucks and ambulances for use in emergency situations with kids.  This is the first time Culberson County responders have asked for donations for this purpose from the public and they plan to continue the caring gesture.

Residents will continue to see fund raising efforts at some intersections in the days ahead and a Hot Dog Sale is set for Sunday afternoon at Pilot Travel Center on Highway 90.  To donate or contribute new stuffed bears, contact the Culberson County Sheriff’s Office at 432-283-2060 or go to the EMS barn at the Hospital.


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