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Ask Tia Juana

I have been married to the same man for the last 45 years and he has always taken care of himself and dressed nicely.  However, in the last year or so, he has avoided taking daily showers like he used to. He’s gone as long as an entire week without showering.  For some strange reason, he is also wearing the same clothes for days and believe me, in the summer, it is not a good thing.  My friends tell me that their husbands do the same thing.  Is there a man “gene” or illness that they go through where they become allergic to water?  How do I get him to practice good hygiene like he used to?

Holding my nose

Dear Nose,

It is a strange, but common phenomenon, and apparently worsens, as the man gets older.  It seems like the man’s sense of smell is also affected since they don’t see the problem with not bathing and wearing the same clothes until they practically stand by themselves.  This phenomenon is not usually found in females, so it is considered a genetic condition.  If nagging and humiliation do not motivate your husband to shower and change clothes regularly, then it is perfectly acceptable to send him to sleep in the guest room until he agrees to decontaminate himself.  Good luck!


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