Clinton gets Trumped

Obvious tension by patrons at the Cactus Cantina Election Results gathering. Tuesday.

Photo by Lisa Morton

Results for the 2016 General Election

for Culberson County

President/Vice President

R – Donald J. Trump/Mike Pence – 280, D- Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine – 454, L – Gary Johnson/William Weld – 23

US Represantative, Dist. #23

R – Will Hurd – 240, D – Pete P. Gallego – 473, L – Ruben S. Corvalan – 20

Railroad Commissioner

R – Wayne Christian – 224, D – Grady Yarbrough – 345, L – Mark Miller – 34, G – Martina Salinas – 395

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl. 3:

R – Debra Lehrmann – 233

D – Mike Westergren – 337

L – Kathie Glass – 22

G – Rodolfo Rivera Munoz – 61

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl. 5:

R – Paul Green – 245, D – Dori Contreras Garza – 376, D – Tom Oxford – 20, G – Charles E. Waterbury – 7

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl 9:

R – Eva Guzman – 248, D – Savannah Robinson – 355, L – Don Fulton – 28, G – Jim Chisholm – 10

Judge, Court of Crime, Appeals, Pl. 2:

R – Mary Lou Keel – 245, D – Lawrence “Larry” Meyers – 357, L – Mark Ash – 35

G – Adam K. B. Reposa – 8

Judge, Court of Crime, Appeals, Pl. 5:

R- Scott Walker – 242, D – Betsy Johnson – 364, L – William B. Strange, III – 16, G – Judith Sanders-Castro – 23

  Judge, Court of Crime, Appeals, Pl. 6:

R – Michael E. Keasler – 235, D – Robert Burns – 374, G – Mark W. Bennett – 27

Member, St. Board of Education, Dist. 1

D – Georgina Perez – 469, L – Hugo Noyola – 59

By Gilda Morales

The Advocate reached out to local residents for comments yesterday morning about the General Election results and the presidential race won by Donald J. Trump.

  Jack Dorris:  Love it.  Businesses will be turned loose and prosper.  Has no concerns with Trump Presidency?

  Lupa Jernigan:  I was devastated by the outcome of this election and feel many voters were reluctant or chose not to vote at all because they disliked both Trump and Clinton.  For those that did vote for Clinton, I felt a real hope she would push clean energy, promoting our National Parks and Human Rights.  I believe her decade of public service and being a woman begat some negativity.  I hope that moderate Republicans will mitigate any damage the Trump mentality brings to the Presidency including immigration, marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose.

  Veteran Perry Klipstein:  Hoping Trump would win.  Did not like media negativity.  Concerned about Trumps erratic behavior.

  Non registered voter said he had hesitations for both candidates.  Concerned about deportation and with comments on how Trump will follow through.

  Valerie Flores: I did not vote because I was not happy with the candidates.  Hope we’re ready for change

  Bubba Heath:  Surprised at the election turn-out and results.  Looking forward to lower taxes and border security.  I think he will support our military.

  Robert (did not offer last name):  I did not vote and saw a choice between the lesser of two evils.  Believes the system is rigged because Trump won.  I do have concerns about our National Security under a Trump Presidency.

  Patricia Golden:  Both sides of the isle must pay attention to each other now to truly work together. Hoping for much needed positivity.  I have concerns about the World View with a Trump Presidency.

  Devon Cottrell:  I had no cares about the US election did not vote and have never voted.  My concerns are with Global Elitists.  Hoping for a New World Order.

Mando (did not offer last name):  Voted locally and does not have any concerns with Trumps election.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  Aubrey Fleming:  Although I am only 14, I don’t believe Donald Trump is the best candidate for our country but I give him my best wishes to make sure we progress during his term.  I feel Mr. Trump does not have as much political experience as a president should.

  Sylvia McKee:  I was certainly surprised and have concerns for a Trump Presidency.

  David Santana:  I did not vote.  I have family from Mexico and I do respect that you should enter this country legally but only see the “Wall” causing problems like the Berlin Wall.  I didn’t like how Hillary Clinton did not address the people personally last night during her concession and it made think what kind of President she would have been.

  Vipul Gajera:  I am concerned with Trump not having any political background.  I hope he rises above the rhetoric and would only comment on concerns after I see his actions.

  Former Advocate Editor, Larry Simpson:  Loved the outcome of the election and that Trump is a business man.  I have no reservations about his role as Commander in Chief.


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