Supt. of Schools Debbie Engle receives the $100,000 check at the El Paseo Division of Wyatt Ranches (From Left to Right: Lou Blum, Ranch-Hand; Kasie Boatright, Gatekeeper; Debbie Engle, Superindent of Schools; and on horseback: Bo Boatright, Division Livestock Foreman – El Paseo; and Davie Brooks, Land & Livestock Manager – West Texas)

Contributed by Debbie Engle

Valentine ISD Superintendant

Wyatt Ranches has donated $100,000 to the Valentine Independent School District following a meeting between Debbie Engle, Superintendent of Schools, and the Wyatt Ranches’ management team for the El Paseo Division in late October.

During the meeting, Bradford Wyatt, Administrator of Wyatt Ranches, said that Superintendent Debbie Engle informed the Ranches of the school’s facilities being in dire need of structural and HVAC upgrades.  She commented that she had heard stories that during the winter months, students must often wear heavy coats inside the classrooms due to aging equipment that does not always function properly and adequately heat the facilities.  “Mrs. Engle was obviously concerned for her students.  She made an excellent impression and impact upon us.”  Her dedication inspired the Ranches to make the $100,000 contribution of behalf of the Wyatt Foundation.

The funds are not restricted or ear-marked in any manner, and may be used as the Valentine Independent District deems appropriate.  The District consists of approximately 45 students with 17 teachers and staff members.  Valentine ISD encompasses 861 square miles, settled between Marfa and Van Horn.  Members of the school’s Board of Trustees are William “Bill” Miller, President; Maria Elena Carrasco, Vice-President; Jackie Means, Secretary; Bobby Carr, Trustee; Jesus “Chuy” Navarrete, Trustee; Larry John Porras, Trustee; and Summer Webb, Trustee.

Superintendent Engle commented on behalf of the Valentine ISD, “We would like to extend our deepest appreciation for the very generous gift.  There are not enough words to properly thank the Wyatt Foundation for their generosity.  I can assure the community and members of the Wyatt Foundation that the money will be spent responsibly.”

Situated in both South Texas and West Texas, Wyatt Ranches has six ranching divisions, with corporate offices in Realitos, Edinburg, and Houston.  The cattle ranches are scattered from Corpus Christi south to the Rio Grande River; and west from Marfa to Valentine, with some ranches supplemented with agricultural farming operations.  The Wyatt Foundation is headquartered in Realitos, Texas, and their directors include Billy Wells, Don Nelson, Steven Wyatt, and Bradford Wyatt.  Billy Wells, President of the Wyatt Foundation said, “Although the foundation has made numerous contributions to hospitals, universities, student scholarships, and to the cultural arts, our recent donations have been geared toward rural governmental entities who desperately these funds – such as this contribution – or others we have made in South Texas for emergency ambulances, fire engines, fire-fighting apparatus, law enforcement equipment, and sheriffs’ canine support.  Bradford Wyatt added, “The Ranches are proud to support and engage these rural communities that are often struggling with budget restrictions; and, these governmental entities have always put the funds to immediate and good use for the citizens.  We’re proud to step up and help when we are able to do so.”


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