Hurd on the Hill – Continuing to Provide the Gold Standard

 ‘Anything less is unacceptable’

When not working in DC, you can find me traveling to one of the communities in the twenty-nine counties across the 23rd Congressional District of Texas, to meet with constituents and learn about the issues most important to you. Sometimes I stop in half-a-dozen or more towns before flying back to DC on Monday.

Why is this so important? Because my job is to serve as your Representative, and hearing from you face-to-face allows me to better serve you.

I am committed to offering my constituents the Gold Standard when it comes to two-way communication and the services that my office provides. The team I’ve built in Texas and DC knows that this is my number one priority and that anything less is unacceptable.

I have five offices from San Antonio to El Paso so that my staff is accessible to you and able to participate in important community events throughout the district. We have caseworkers in San Antonio, Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Socorro. We also have two dedicated Veteran liaisons to help serve the extensive veteran population that is proud to call our district home.

As evidence of my commitment to the Gold Standard, during my first term over 2015 and 2016, I hosted over 400 public meetings, called over 630,000 households for live telephone town hall meetings, responded to over 50,000 constituent letters, and put over 75,000 miles on my car crisscrossing the district. From my five district offices, Team Hurd has hosted regular office hours and helped over 1,000 constituents solve complicated cases with federal agencies, like the Social Security Administration and the VA. My team and I are excited for the opportunity to continue our work on your behalf.

Each summer during the month of August, I host a meet-and-greet series called DC2DQ at dozens of Dairy Queens throughout the district. Each meeting is open to the public, and an opportunity for me to hear your questions and concerns directly, along with providing you an update on what I’m working on back home and in Washington to keep us safe, grow the economy, and increase opportunity across the district. Last summer, I hosted 23 public meetings in six days.

There is always more to do, and I will continue to make sure your voice is heard in Washington. In order to represent you to the best of my ability, I want to remind you that regular feedback from our communities is essential. Your phone calls, emails, and attendance at meetings will ensure that my legislative work is in lock-step with the needs and challenges you have shared with me.

To receive continuous updates on legislation that affects you and meeting notices in your community, please sign up for my e-newsletter at  And always feel free to call me to ask questions and express your opinion at 202-225-4511.


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