Culberson County 4-H and CCAISD FFA update

Contributed by Lainie Koch and Desirae Brewster

On January 5, 4-H participant Cory Schuller attended the Sandhills Livestock Show in Odessa and received 15th place goat.  Cory participated at the San Angelo Livestock Show and Rodeo February 4-5 in the goat division. On January 13-16, Kristian Robb and Beatriz Marta participated in the lamb show, and Cory Schuller participated in the goat show at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo.

8th grader Brock Gibson and 6th grader Kanon Gibson, CCAISD FFA participants, have been competing in a few major stock shows this past month.  To start off the month of February, Brock exhibited his steers at the Fort Worth Stock Show and out of 61 steers he placed 6th.  At the San Antonio Stock Show, Kanon exhibited his steer and finished 9th, while Brock and his steer placed in his class.  They have a few more stock shows to participate in this month, so we wish them the best of luck because we know how hard they have worked with their projects to get them where they are today.


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