Shooting Sports Coaches Certifications Received by Local Citizens

By Edna Clark

After a tiring weekend in Fort Stockton, 4-H volunteers Edna Clark and Gracie Fuentes and County Extension Agent Lainie Koch received Texas 4-H Archery Certifications while Janice and David Robb received Rifle and Shotgun Certifications.

In order to receive the coaching certifications, participants were required to attend classroom instruction, hands-on training, and final written exams on the respective classes. Mrs. Fuentes, Mrs. Koch, and this writer were trained in the use of re-curved, Genesis, and compound bows. Safety in the shooting sports was a tremendous factor in all classes and training.

I made major improvement in my arrow shooting skills in the two day training. From my arrows erratically hitting the target on the outer fringe to a close pattern around the bulls-eye, but never the bulls-eye, I learned how to correct my shots. Now, I will work on hitting the bulls-eye continuously and teach youngsters how to do the same.

Children and teenagers from ages 8 to 18 can reap the benefits of these adult certifications because now they are able to learn new archery, rifle, and shotgun sports available through the local 4-H Club. For more information, stop by the County Extension Office located in the Culberson County Courthouse.


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