Lobo Flat Aquifer water production allocation decided

By Edna Clark

Last Wednesday, April 12, the Culberson County Groundwater Conservation District (CCGCD) met with four of five members, General Manager, Summer Webb, and Dr. Al Blair present.

District members approved groundwater production allocation of 3 acre feet/year for a 3-year period with annual reviews to determine the effectiveness of the usage decrease.  Effective, January 01, 2018, the Lobo Flat Aquifer stakeholders will be subject to the lowered water allotment until December 31, 2020.

Webb will send letters to the Lobo Flat stakeholders to make them aware of the determination of the District’s ruling.  The large stakeholders of the farming and pecan orchard operations off US Highway 90 are subject to being the most affected by this ruling.

Mrs. Webb stated that ongoing monitoring via District and stakeholders’ water meter readings will ensure that stakeholders are in compliance with the ruling.  Additionally, Mrs. Webb related that remote satellite images and Dr. Blair’s reports on target wells will also be in use to determine water usage in the individual areas.

  Dr. Blair stressed that groundwater usage assessments can be performed at any time and are not restricted to annual reviews.  Stakeholders will be advised to report any discrepancies between their required monthly meter readings and those performed by CCGCD personnel for remediation.

Mrs. Webb recommended groundwater well drilling permit applications for Dahjur Burro Minerals, located in the Wildhorse Aquifer, and Agua Grande, located on the Hughes Apache Ranch immediately east of the Wildhorse Aquifer.

Public Hearings for both Burro Minerals and Agua Grande are scheduled for June 7, at 2:00 p.m.  All interested parties are encouraged to attend these Public Hearings which will affect the environment for many years to come.

District members approved a Tax Sale Bid Request for $5280 from Juan Apodaca to purchase the two-story house located next to Lizzy’s Restaurant.

A $500 annual donation to the High Points Soil & Water Conservation District was approved.

The next regularly scheduled CCGCD meeting is May 10, 2017.


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