Non-profit Christian Shelter fine-tunes its program

Locals enjoy renewed fellowship at the Community Christian Shelter Open House last Saturday.

Photo by Lisa Morton

By Lisa Morton

It has been 32 years since the location at 210 E. Broadway was something other than a shelter serving the needs of those less fortunate.  Last Saturday, the Van Horn Community Christian Shelter held a Grand Re-Opening celebration after a temporary closure in January.  The shelter was temporarily closed after a lengthy illness of Mayor Glenn Humphries, who previously managed the shelter.   More than 200 visitors attended the re-opening of the freshly renovated and refurbished and were treated to a tour of the facility and even a meal.  Visitors saw a welcoming environment and heard about improvements and resolve to comply with the shelter’s mission statement and vision from Board Members and new shelter management, Harvey, Jennifer and Samantha Cabezuela.   

“We want the stigma of the shelter accommodating only homeless people to be removed”, said Jennifer Cabezuela.  “These services are for those in need or in crisis be it a community member or any person”, she added.  New programs the Shelter is currently working on will provide the balance of the summer lunch program meals to all students, a designated Emergency Food Bank in conjunction with El Pasoan’s Fighting Hunger and Culberson County Food Banks, a “Dress for Success” program that with donations of used or extra business clothing and accessories, will help those who are looking for jobs put their best foot forward.  “The emphasis is on community with additional programs to support the needs of the people”, said Edna Clark.

Van Horn has long supported the need to care for those less fortunate with individuals, businesses, churches as well as city and county government contributing donations in various forms. The Town of Van Horn has made it easy for residents to donate to the shelter by allowing customers to pledge a designated amount to be added to their utility bill, which is then forwarded to the Shelter.

The newly reorganized Board of directors includes President Edna Clark, Vice President John C. Clark, Secretary Barbara Buford, Treasurer Pastor Gerald Donovan and Beth Gary, Goldie Voelkel, and Norma Cabezuela.  The board is asking for much-needed pledges, noting that even $1 per month will help buy a loaf of bread for the hungry.  The mission of the shelter includes the belief that “It is through volunteer efforts and donations that a true commitment to develop a vision to help anyone who enters the doors be it homelessness or those in need without regard to race, color, creed or gender with a non-denominational prayer group and access to religious counseling, set in an alcohol, tobacco and drug free environment.”

Anyone who missed the re-opening and would like to visit the facility for a tour and more information may call for an appointment by calling Harvey or Jennifer at 432-283-1631 or contact Edna Clark at 713-447-4413.


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