Local Sheriffs treated to bird’s eye view

By Sheriff Oscar Carrillo

Texas Border Sheriffs Oscar E. Carrillo and Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West were flown over the Texas Mexico Border by Texas Dept. of Public Safety Air Operations last Monday.  The recently-acquired DPS Aircraft Section responds to a large spectrum of law enforcement support requests, including pursuits, manhunts, search and rescue, disaster relief, surveillance, aerial photography, marijuana eradication and Border security operations.  The plane is equipped with a sophisticated camera and infrared technology.   Sheriffs Carrillo and West got a bird’s eye view as they surveyed the terrain from high altitudes and observed the high-tech cameras zoom onto moving targets from miles away.   The plane is available to all law enforcement agencies in Texas, but is specifically tasked to support Border Security Operations.  The plane is deployed out of El Paso or Midland Texas and can be in our area in minutes.  Sheriff Carrillo advised that DPS Operations have helicopters with similar equipment that are also available to local, state and federal agencies.  West Texas Sheriffs were encouraged by DPS Command Staff to fully utilize these assets.         


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