District 6 4-H Wildlife Challenge held in Van Horn

Int Team, Nathan Pena, Charlize Martinez

Int Team, Parker Skelton, Orly Holquin

Int Team, Parker Skelton, Orly Holquin, Charlize Martinez

Int Team, Parker Skelton, Orly Holquin, Charlize Martinez

1st Cory Schuller and Keane Robb

2nd Beatriz Marta and Fermin Baeza

By Lainie Koch, CEA Ag/NR,

Culberson County Agri-Life

The District 6 4-H Wildlife Challenge was held at the Van Horn Convention Center last Saturday.  This year we had 4-Her’s competing from Culberson and Presidio counties.

The 4-H Wildlife Challenge covers material found within five 4-H Natural Resources projects; Wildlife Habitat Education Project (WHEP), Hunting & Wildlife project, Entomology project, Forestry project, and Sport fishing project.  Contestants have the opportunity to explore all five of these projects while preparing for the 4-H Wildlife Challenge.

The contest is divided into two categories including Identification and Knowledge and Skills Assessment. Identification: Contestants identify animals and trees from pictures or actual specimens such as leaves, fruit/nuts, skulls, skins, wings, specimen mounts, tracks, calls, etc.  Contestants identify wildlife habitat concepts, wildlife habitat components, and wildlife management practices from photos or in the field. Contestants identify equipment and equipment components that may be found within any of the project resources (i.e. – fishing equipment, shooting/hunting equipment, insect collecting equipment, wildlife habitat management equipment, etc.). Knowledge and Skills Assessment: Contestants answer multiple choice questions and perform skills found within the five project areas’ resources.  The skills could include but is not limited to fishing skills, insect collection and display, firearm handling, and other skills found within the resources.  Contestants competed as a County Team of 2 or as individuals.

Senior 4-Her’s or Intermediates have the opportunity to compete in the State 4-H Wildlife Challenge that is held in College Station during Texas 4-H Roundup in June.  They can compete as an Individual or as a Team of  3 or 4.


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