Faith – There must be a Supreme Boss

By Lyle Overhulser in connection with Pastor Gerald Donavan

How else can you explain how the body heals itself with its immune system?  How else can you explain that man has polluted the water systems, but we still have safe and drinkable water that that Boss put the chemicals in the Earth when He created it and gave man the knowledge to treat the water that animal, man and everything that needs it has adequate water.  We can’t conceive of a being with this wisdom no more than we can conceive of eternity of peace with no trouble in any way that the Good Book, which says there is a Master Creator who did this during 6 days of creation, who sent His Son to pay the price for our wrong doings and promised to9 return and cast the Devil into the Lake of Fire and lock the gate for a thousand years.  I am convinced that when God blew the breath of life into Adam, He gave Adam and all mankind the ability to make decisions   So my questions is this – whom did you choose to serve today?  Did you grab all the money you could get for self, justifying it by giving it to someone else, taking pride with the power of money?  Money has power, but at this moment, there is probably someone with no money thanking the Lord for the food he just ate that he got from somewhere like the Israelites got from Heaven the 40 years they spent in the desert.

He is grateful to God that God provides for him, which He does, amongst his friends who also have no money and God provides for them also.  It’s the humble that will live on the New Earth after the Messiahs return forever, in peace, not those that are proud in their power and prestige based on how much filthy lucre that they’ve earned in this evil word of the Devil.

I am content but fight the good fight of faith on the sword of the Spirit which is the tongue . . . as needed with God’s power which is more power than Jesus’ resurrection according to Jesus.  All of our cups runneth over.  The times I was short in the past, and the fact that I’m OK now, proves that when I thought I was in the past, I really wasn’t.

I believe that everyone who reads this letter is blessed by God with something they could give away and not suffer any loss.  A simple way to begin to step into God’s overflow of our cup that we already have is to say “God bless you” to every person we meet.  This is my challenge to you and if you step up to the plate and take on this challenge, I’m convinced that soon you will mean it with everything of your existence and begin to see a greater blessing of peace and contentment that can only come from God through your “sword of lips” which probably won’t be in the form of filthy lucre or money.

Almighty God is going to hold this planet together until His Son’s return.  If Jesus Christ is Lord and Master of our lives, we will rise from the ground and meet Jesus in the sky.  I will.  Who was your Master today?  Was it your fellow man and our small town?

Final words from the Good Book . . . in this world there will be tribulation.  Fear not, for the blood of Jesus, the crown oft horns, his stripes, his crucifixion, and his resurrection are told in every corner of the universe, but our victory over the evil one who runs this world is proven in these simple facts.  I love you and God Bless you in your journey.  It’s not me . . . but the victory of Jesus, that is where I stand right now and must be true to give me the courage to write this letter.

For every ball you don’t swing at is a miss . . . regardless of the ball, Christ won at the Cross.  Don’t grab the ball bat, but again, say “God bless you” and soon you will mean it.

God bless you, Lyle Overhulser


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