Clinic construction project hits snag in completion

By Becky Brewster

The Culberson County Hospital District met in Regular Session on May 10.  Judy Blazek, Project Manager, briefed the Board on the status of the clinic construction project.  The interior of the clinic is progressing right on schedule and should be completed by the June 3 project deadline for substantial completion.  However, the façade portion of the project has hit a snag.   Due to a delay in providing the submittals on the materials to the architect for approval, there is a corresponding delay in the fabrication of the materials which pushes the delivery date of said materials out four to eight weeks. Since the construction at the entrance would create a hazard to persons trying to enter the clinic, the consensus of the Board was to delay the opening of the clinic until the façade is finished.

The Board also discussed the tax resale bid process on “struck off” properties that was a bone of contention at the May 8 Commissioners Court meeting.  The Board noted that the Culberson County Appraisal District (CCAD) received a proposal greater than the base bid on the property at 101 Leon Street along with the funds to cover the purchase amount soon after the property was struck off the tax roll. However, the proposal has not been forwarded to the taxing entities for a decision.  CCAD Chief Appraiser Chello Gonzalez had informed the County Commissioners that there had been many parties that have subsequently “expressed interest” which is why she is recommending that the property be re-auctioned.  But none of these interested parties have yet to put up the funds to make the purchase. And the CCAD Board has not made a recommendation on changing the process.  Board Attorney Steve Mitchell expressed concern as to “why” the re-auction is being recommended.  He emphasized that this recommended procedure is wrong,  that the current procedures that have been in place for years should have been followed.  In the past, any post-auction offer for a struck-off property is forwarded to the taxing entities rather than being held by the CCAD.  The Board agreed to contact the other taxing entities and the CCAD outlining the circumstances of changing the process in midstream, and requesting that the proposal be forwarded to the entities for consideration as is the usual process. If the CCAD would like to see the process changed, they should contact the entities in advance and outline their proposal. In the meantime, the current process should be followed.

In other business, the Culberson County Hospital District:

• Approved accounts payable and financial reports.

• Authorized transfers to reserve accounts.

• Heard report on the trauma waiver and telemedicine.

• Discussed the feasibility of refinancing the District bonds.


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