Appraisal District approves Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

By Edna Clark

Culberson County Appraisal District (CCAD) members met on Tuesday, September 12, with three of four members present. In attendance were Angie Gonzales, Jack Dorris, and Lolo Urias. Raul Rodriguez was not present.

After a lengthy Executive Session to discuss Tax Resale Resolutions and the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget, members returned to open session and approved an appraisal budget of $257,424.34. Also approved was a collection budget from which CCAD employees’ salaries are paid.

Pritchard & Abbott, Inc. was approved to continue computer and software operations for 2018-2019 for CCAD.

Members approved resolutions to authorize tax resales of five struck-off properties located in the Guadalupe Estates. Purchasers of the property are Mr. and Mrs. Brown from San Angelo.

Mr. Dorris requested clarification of tax resale procedures that had been affected by computer glitches during past transactions including possible loss of properties to tax resales.

July and August bills in the amount of $32,000 were approved for payment. Discussions on renewal of the building lease ended the meeting.


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